Vyacheslav Shalevich

People’ Artist of the Russian Federation, Winner of State Prize of the Russian Federation

May 27, 1934 – December 21, 2016.

 Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1958.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

In 1979 graduated from Higher Director’s Courses of State Institute of Theater Art.  Art director of Ruben Simonov Moscow Theater of Drama.

“Roles of Vyacheslav Anatolyevich are different and unlike. But there is a uniting basis in all them, which is a feature of true talent, and that is ingenuity and human significance of each character. A bright and great artistic personality stands behind it”.  (A. Novikova)

Order of Friendship, 1994
Order of Honour, 2001
Order For Merit to the Fatherland 4th class
Diploma of the President of Russia for development of Russian Culture and Arts, 2010

Ospan (Common Law)
Anglomaniac barin (Idiot)
Doctor (Before the sunset)
Lead of the choir (An Irkutsk story)
Lead, Duke, Don Carlos (Little tragedies)
Petr (The Lost son)
Stefan (Play on holidays)
Aleksandrov (The Living corpse)
Barakh (Princess Turandot)
Borzov (Serebryany bor)
Kozin (Konarmiya)
Andrey (Black birds)
Blenderblend (Millionaire)
Pavel Suslov (Virineya)
Dione (Dione)
Anton (Memory of heart)
Nikanor (The Man with a shotgun)
Fedor Ivanovich (Puck)
Murov (Guilty without guilt)
Ippolit (Choice)
Casanova (Three ages of Casanova)
Grigory Lvovich Murov (Guilty without guilt)
Louis Mericour (God be with you)
Count De Guiche (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Evgeny Sergeevich Dorn (The seagull)
Galileo Galolei (“Galilei’s life” The Haven)

“Three ages of Casanova”, “Valentin and Valentina”, “Source of capitalism”, “Splashes of champers”, “A girl was sang in quire”, “I want the happiness that wants me” (Ruben Simonov Theater)
“While my husband was angling codfishes” (Russart Agency)
“God be with you, monsieur” (Dramatic Centre “Millenium”)

The Captain’s Daughter, 1958
City at dawn (TV-play), 1959
The rescued generation, 1959
Outside the city limits, 1960
Barrier of unknown, 1961
Only statues keep silent, 1963
Pharmaceutist (Short film), 1963
Silver coach, 1963
Teper pust ukhodit, 1964
A story of young spouses (TV-play), 1964
Hockey-players, 1964
Komesk, 1965
Squadron moves westwards, 1965
The Cremlin’s courier (TV-play), 1967
Three Poplars at Plyushchikha, 1967
Virineya, 1968
The Picture of Dorian Gray (TV-play), 1968
Fate plays the man (TV-play), 1968
July, 6, 1968
Small restaurant “13 chairs”, 1981-1981
Faust (TV-play), 1969
The Red Square, 1970
My street, 1970
City under the linden, 1971
An Irkutsk story, 1973
Daps as a memento, 1973
Paradisaical apples, 1973
Seventeen moment of spring, 1973
After “Satiricon” (TV-play), 1974
Konarmiya (TV-play), 1975
Carlos Espinola’s diary, 1976
Here is my wharf, 1976
Asiatic ginseng, 1977
At the golden bottom (TV-play), 1977
It was in Kokand, 1977
Antidote for fear, 1978
Idiot (TV-play), 1979
At the end of summer, 1980
Code name “Southern thunder”, 1980
Puck (TV-play), 1981
Deluge (TV-play), 1983
Awakening, 1983
Chokan Valikhanov, 1983
Special unit, 1984
The last inspection, 1985
Complainants have no complaints, 1986
Love of a non-young person, 1990
The Hound of the Baskervilles’ wife, 1990
Vinovata li ya, 1992
Lenitude, 1992
Fictitious narriage, 1992
The American grandfather, 1993
Master and Margareth, 1994
Charming scaramouches, 1999
It is not recommended to offend women, 2000
One can not choose times, 2001
Marsh Turetskogo (second season), 2001
Bridegroom for Barby, 2003
Woman’s reason – 3, 2003
Instructor, 2003 (Series)
Do not get used to miracles, 2003
Theater Blues, 2003
Fighter, 2004 (Series)
The prize is a space flight, 2004
Saga of Moscow, 2004 (Series)
The Red Square (Series), 2004
Silvery lily of the valley-2, 2004
About love in any weather, 2004
Upstream, 2004
Podkidnoy, 2005 (Series)
Star of the epoch, 2005
Brezhnev (Series), 2005
Primadonna, 2006
Highjacking, 2006
Soldiers – 13, 2007
Fighter. Birth of the legend, 2008
Second breath, 2008
Heritage, 2008
Reporters, 2008
Clowns, 2008
But not now, 2010
Сase of grocery №1, 2011
The Haven (film-performance), 2011