Ides of March (1991)

“The reconstruction of the true story was not the primary task of this composition. It can be called a fantasy about some events and characters of the last days of the Roman Republic”. Thornton Wilder. In March 1991 Arkady Katz produced “The Ides of March”, an adaptation for the theatre based on the novel in letters by T. Wilder. This production told about Caesar (M. Ulyanov) during his last days: about an elderly smart sovereign, tired of victories, beaten by denunciations and claims of bloodthirsty lieges, foreseeing betrayal. The personal and acting experience of M. Ulyanov accepted the challenge of the role. Each word of Wilder about Rome seemed being said about Russia of 1991 and caused furious reaction of spectators.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 23 March 1991

Characters & Cast:

Ceasar Mikhail Ulyanov
Cicero Vyacheslav Shalevich
Korneli Nepot Alexei Kuznetsov
Catullus Vladimir Ivanov
Brut Evgeny Karelskih
Asini Viktor Izmailov
Doctor Alexander Grave
Claudius Alexander Koznov
Head of the secret police Harry Dunts
Ceasar’s secretary Ruben Simonov
2nd secretary Igory Lagutin
Claudia’s secretary Yury Kraskov
Massage therapist Konstantin Lekarev
Claudia Irina Kupchenko
Cleopatra Marina Esipenko
Kipharede Yulia Borisova
Martia Alla Kazanskaya
Lyudmila Tselikovskaya
Servilia Alla Parfanyak
Kassia Raina Praudina
Pompea Darya Mikhailova
Marina Ekaterina Raykina
A servant Olga Gavriluk


Production Arkadiy Kats
Scenography Tatyana Shvets
Costume designer Vyacheslav Zaytsev
Composer Yuriy Butsko