At the Golden Bottom (1955)

The premiere took place in 1955. The performance was played in other theatres as well, but it didn’t have a special success anywhere and looked a heavy everyday melodrama. In the production of A. Remizova the play about the “devastator rouble” itself seemed more significant, unordinary. A life of а district town was depicted on the stage, a world of half-merchants, half-adventurers, wildness covered with a European costume. The paint deepened and started shining out, the characters became larger and unexpected. Nikolay Gritsenko and Yulia Borisova started being talked about.

Main Stage

Premiere was on 5 May 1955

Characters & Cast:

Molokov Nikolai Gritsenko
Dasha Darya Peshkova
Marfa Lukinichna M. Danilevich
Anisiya Yulia Borisova
Zasypin Nikolay Bubnov
Nikolay Timofeev
Lena Nina Nehlopchenko
Belonosov Vladimir Osenev
Shirinkin Vladimir Pokrovsky
Vasiliy Vorotov Mikhail Ulyanov
Vyacheslav Shalevich
Cheprakov Mikhail Dadyko
Mosevna Elena Ponsova
Vera Lvova


Production Alexandra Remizova
Decorator Sergey Akhvlediani