White acacia (2008)

“Gold Leaf” award winner in the nomination “The best actors ensemble” (2008). The musical comedy “Silver-chain” by I. O. Dunaevskiy was produced as a graduation performance in the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute at the Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre by honored art worker, stage director V. V. Ivanov. The performance immediately gained the affection of spectators, was recognized as one of the best graduation plays of 2008 and accepted in the theatre repertoire. Vladimir Ivanov managed, without changing the libretto in point of fact, to create a sparkling musical comedy putting the libretto remarks into the mouths of the characters. Such convention gave single-minded natures of the characters of the fiftieths a pleasant scent of friendly travesty. Looking at what’s going on from the point of view of our contemporaries, the actors managed to “humanize” their characters, make them interesting for a modern spectator. There are no professional vocalists or professional dancers among the performers. But there is genuine youthful spirit, amorousness with ingenuous suggested circumstances and disarming spontaneity. And if we add this to sense of humor, easiness, ability to seamlessly slide from one condition to another, step back from the situation and constantly comment on what’s going on with the help of the author’s remarks, then it becomes clear why spectators do not leave the hall after the action is over but insist on continuation of the joyful meeting. THE PERFORMANCE IS CREATED WITH THE SUPPORT OF “KUMIR” AWARD. 

Main Stage

Premiere was on 5 October 2008

Characters & Cast:

Petr Chumakov
harpooner-assistant of the whaler company “Salut”
Vladimir Beldiyan
Olga Ivanovna
Chumakov’s wife
Laura Keosayan
Olga Efremova
Tonya Chumakova
Chumakov’s niece
Olga Nemogay
Sergey Korablyov
theatre hairdresser, Tonya’s husband
Valery Ushakov
Serafima Korablyova
she'd on the basis of the whaling fleet «Salut»
Mariya Slastenkova
Alekseevich Kupriyanov
captain of the whaler company “Salut”
Larisa Shtepenko
young lady
Maria Volkova
Olga Efremova
Yakov Fedorovich Nakonechnikov
called Buksir, store-keeper
Artur Ivanov
Tonya’s friend
Maria Berdinskikh
Lesha Velikanov Anton Shurtsov
Sasha Lopatenko Ivan Pachin
stage director
Dmitriy Kuznetsov
sound operator
Roman Polyansky
Leonid Bichevin
Odessa men and women
Orchestra Mikhal Aynetdinov
Polina Evlanova
Viktor Kormakov
Nikolay Myzikov
Vladimir Sveshnikov


Staging Vladimir Ivanov
Scenography Maxim Obrezkov
Music, Conductor Tatiana Agaeva
Choreography Oleg Glushkov
Orchestration Dmitriy Smirnov
Choir Iya Mustafina