Tatiana Agaeva

Honoured artist of the
Russian Federation, Professor

Music Director of The Vakhtangov

The head of the Music Expressivity
of an Actor Department at The Shukin Drama School.

Tatiana Agaeva graduated with honours from The Gnessin State Musical College
and has a degree of a choir conductor. By the year 1988 when she was invited to The Vakhtangov Theatre she had
already had an extensive teaching, research and performing experience. Agaeva has
been at the head of the “Music expressivity of an actor” department for more
than 20 years that are celebrated with a highly conscious attitude to the
tradition of the theatre. 

Tatiana Agaeva has directed more
than 60 plays both in Russia (mainly at The Vakhtangov Theatre) and abroad
(France) as well. 

Tatiana Agaeva started her
teaching career at The Shukin Drama School in 1993. Now she is teaching music
ensemble classes, gives lectures at the directing department (“music composition
for plays”). Agaeva has founded the “Music expessivity of an actor” department
and was the one who initiated the “Actor of music theatre” course that had been
designed specially for The Moscow Operetta. She has also participated both as a
music director and a scenic speech teacher in such graduation works as Koni’s Two Vaudevilles, Wilder and German’s What a Pudding, Offenbach’s Parisian Life, Dunaevsky’s White Acacia.

She has also held workshops
with European actors, and since 2006 has been working with English students
from The London Drama Centre.

Agaeva has an extensive
experience as a choir director and singer and has worked with The Republican
Academic Chapel, The Moscow Chamber Choir and many other famous collectives.

Her own recordings include the ones made in The
Melody Company (Melodia), on The State Radio (Gosteleradio) and for numerous
films. Among these recordings are such as Rybnikov’s Joaquin Murrieta, Lebedev’s Seagulls,
Dunaevsky’s Marry Poppins Goodbye and Vaudeuville, Dashkevich’s Pippi
Longstocking, Gladkov’sAn Ordinary Miracle and many others. As for the filmography, she has worked with such famous
directors as Nikita Mikhalkov, Eldar Ryazanov and Mark Zakharov. In 1973-1988
she took part in recording of more than 150 films.

Sunset – A Musical Zhurbina, Stage director – A. Katz, 1989
Two hours in Paris, with one intermission – vaudeville, stage director Kuznetsov, 1990
Turandot – Stage director Chernyakhovsk, 1991
You are our Sovereign, Father – Stage director Pavel Fomenko, 1992
Marriage of Bal’zaminova – Stage director A. Katz, 1992
Notre amour – Music fantasy performance, Stage director Chernyakhovsk, 1992
Guilty Without Guilt – Stage director Pavel Fomenko, 1993
Threepenny Opera – Stage director G. Chernyahlvsky, 1994
Barbarians – Stage director A. Katz, 1995
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves – Stage director Alexander Gorban, 1995
Queen of Spades – Stage director Pavel Fomenko, 1996
Cylinder – Stage director A.Kats, 1997
Life is a Dream – Stage director Prikhodko, 1997
Lion in Winter – Stage director E.Marchelli, 1998
Cathing two raabits – Stage director A.Gorban, 1998
Miss Julie – Stage director V. Ivanov, 1999
Resurrecation, or the Miracle of St. Anthony – Stage director Fomenko, 1999
Tribute to Eva – Stage director S.Yashin, 1999
Lefty – Stage director A.Gorban, 1999
Othello – Stage director A.Gorban, 2000
Uncle’s Dream – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2000
Fairy Tale – Stage director V.Senin, 2002
Royal Hunt – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2002
King deer – Stage director G.Dityatkovsky, 2003
Frederick or Boulevard of crimes – Stage director N.Pinigin, 2003
Mademoiselle Nitouche – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2004
True legend of a quarter – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2007
White acacia – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2008
People like people – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2011
The Haven – Stage director R.Tuminas, 2011
Common business – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2012
Eugene Onegin- Stage director R.Tuminas, 2013

Performances in the Theatrical Institute afetr B. Shchukin and RATA (GITIS):
Duel – Stage director E.Knyazev, 1995
Time and the Conways – Stage director V. Ivanov, 1995
Fool – Stage director Yu.Avsharov, 1997
The Golovlevs – Stage director A.Palamishev, 1997
Wedding – Stage director A. Shirvindt, 1997
People and Passion – Stage director M.Semakov, 1997
That’s the pudding – Stage director V. Ivanov, 1998
Parisian Life – Stage director M.Borisov, 2004
When the end of all things – Stage director N.Roschin, 2004
Wheel of Fortune, 2006
White acacia – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2008
Class Concert “Dance and sing” – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2008
Tomorrow Was the War – Stage director A.Dubrovskaya, 2009
Class Concert “Contrasts” – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2009
Women’s revolt – Stage director V. Ivanov, 2011

The performances on the stages of other theaters:
Time and the Conways – Stage director V. Ivanov (Theatre of Satire)
Chichikov – Stage director Fomenko (Pyotr Fomenko Workshop)
Mad of Chaillot – Stage director Fomenko (Pyotr Fomenko Workshop)
Tale of Ardennes Forest – Stage director Fomenko (Pyotr Fomenko Workshop)
Seagull – the experience of play development – Stage director A.Zholdak
Golden Pot – Stage director – A.Chernobay
Darling – Stage director A.Nazarov
All this fuss – Stage director V. Ivanov
The American – Stage director O.Kudryashov (France)
Monologues – Stage director O.Kudryashov (France)
Against the wall – Stage director O.Kudryashov (France)
Fairytale of Tsar Soltane – Stage director E.Granitova (France)
Your sister and niece – Stage director V. Ivanov
Do not tempt – Stage director A.Nazarov
Trap – Stage director V. Ivanov

Choir Conductor in the movies:
The cat, which go alone
The Kreutzer Sonata
A great adventure
Pippi Longstocking
The Adventures of Dunno
Academy of Mr. Blot
The smallest
Bindyuzhnik and King

As the singer was involved in recording music for films:
Treasure Island
Children of Vanyushin
Inspector Gull
Railway Station for Two
Morning round
Silver Revue
Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville
Love for Love
Mary Poppins, Goodbye
Recipe for eternity
Prince and Pauper
Slave of Love
Notebooks Ilf and Petrov
Island of Lost Ships
Ordinary Miracle
Divine Anna
Maria Mirabella
Fairytale of Tsar Saltan
Heavenly Swallows
The House That Swift Built

The firm Gostteleradio Melody and participated in writing:
Rock-opera “Star and Death of Joaquin Muretty (Conductor Choir)
Operetta “I found darling princess” (Conductor Choir)

Author of publication:
Essay on the history of amateur choral singing in Russia. On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Choral Society
Poyutsveshnikovtsy (article in the Soviet Composer)
Folklore and the new trends in the teaching of conducting. (Abstracts of the All-Union Scientific Conference in pofolkloru GMPI them. Gnesin)
Problems Conductorskoy leadership training folk choirs (Articles in interuniversity collection of scientific papers)
Activation of the creative initiative of students (Article in interuniversity collection of scientific papers)
In the maze of information (Article in the journal “Soviet Music”)