Maria Berdinskikh

Born on August 3 in Kirov Oblast (the Russian Federation).

Maria Berdinskikh graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (Vladimir Ivanov’s course) in 2008 and joined the Vakhtangov Theatre company. She performed one of the main roles in the graduating performance ‘The White Acacia’ (an operetta by Isaak Dunayevsky) directed by Vladimir Ivanov. Later the play was transferred to the Vakhtangov Theatre main stage.

Already in 2009 Maria Berdinskikh performed the highly psychological and at the same time eccentric role of Sonia in the play ‘Uncle Vania’ by Anton Chekhov directed by Rimas Tuminas. Maria became the laureate of the ‘Cristal Turandot’ (one of the main Russian theatre awards) for this role.

Maria Berdinskikh is one of the most popular theatre performers of her generation. She proved her skills in tragedy and comedy, drama and music play numerous times.

Maria had worked with the legendary Russian theatre director Yuriy Lubimov. She collaborates with such directors as Rimas Tuminas, Vladimir Ivanov, Vladimir Mirzoev, Yuriy Butusov, Silviu Purcarete.

Today Maria Berdinskikh performs such significant roles as Sonia (‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov) and Louison (‘Imaginary Invalid’ by Moliere). Selected roles include Katia (‘The White Acacia’ by Isaak Dunayevsky), Lola (choreography performance ‘The coast of women’), Khimka (‘If you run after two hares…’ by Mykhailo Starytsky), Ivona (‘Princess Ivona’ by Witold Gombrowicz), Guest (‘Masquerade’ by Mikhail Lermontov), Juliet (‘Measure for Measure’ by William Shakespeare), Maria Lebiadkina (‘Demons’ by Feodor Dostoevsky), Bunny (‘Eugene Onegin’ by Alexander Pushkin), Madame Barbe (‘Take an umbrella, Madame Gauthier!’ by Yves Pleaux), Oedipus’ Daughter (‘Oedipus Rex’ by Sophocles).

Maria Berdinskikh first appeared on screen in 2005. Selected filmography: ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intention – 1’, ‘Ashberry Waltz’,  ‘Kremlin Cadets’, ‘Kuprin’, ‘Porter’.

Laureate of the Crystal Turandot Award (nomination Debut for the role of Sonya in Uncle Vanya), 2010

Katya(White Acacia)
Drunk Lola (The Coast of Women )
Mashka, Sonya (Uncle Vanya)
Matyrina (Don Juan and Sganarelle)
Khimka (If you run after two hares…)
Guest (Masquerade)
Juliette (Measure for Measure)
Ivonna (Princess Ivonna)
Female Student (“Goodwill” The Haven)
Mariya Lebyadkina- Limpy (Deamons)
Chatelaine (Common business)
“Bunny” (Eugene Onegin)
Madame Barb (Take an umbrella, Madame Gaultier!)
Angelique (The Imaginary Invalid)

From The Beginning (International Theatre Centre The Chance)

The Cremlin Cadets, 2009
Ashberry Waltz, 2010
Law and Order: Criminal intent-1, 2007
Kuprin, 2014
Qwartet, 2014
Rowan Tree Waltz, 2015
The porter, 2015