Alexander Bizyukov

Aleksander Bizyukov was born in 1898.

He worked in the Vakhtangov Theatre in 1925-1965 as an actor, director’s assistant and the head of  the repertoir department. He played more then 50 roles during his life.

A.I. Bizyukov died in 1965.

A valet (Love and Intrugue, 1930)
Laptev (The Pace, 1930)
Levit (The Intervention, 1933)
A doctor (Aristocrates, 1935)
Konrad (Much Ado About Nothing, 1936)
A chef (Man with a gun, 1937)
Bertie (Field Marshal Kutuzov, 1940)
City manager (Before the Sunset, 1941)
Colonel Mosolov (Oleko Dundich, 1942)
Krause (The Russian Men, 1942)
Udivitelniy (The Front Line1942)
Zakharin-Yuriev (The Great Sovereign, 1945)
A policeman (The First Joys, 1950)
Antony ( Two Gentleman of Verona, 1952)
1st thief (No cross No crown, 1954)
A doctor (A Living Corpse, 1962)

Much Ado About Nothing, 1956
The Four, 1957
Hearts Must Burn (film-play), 1960