Anna Dubrovskaya

Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, Honoured Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

Born on November 27 in Minsk (the USSR, Belarus).

In 1994 Anna Dubrovskaya graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (Vladimir Ivanov’s course) and joined the Vakhtangov Theatre company, though she already had been performing Turandot (‘Princess Turandot’ by Carlo Gozzi) while being a student.

Also during her education in the institute Anna Dubrovskaya was starring as Princess Tarakanova in the play ‘The Imperial Hunt’ by Leonid Zorin directed by Vladimir Ivanov. Later the play was transferred to the Vakhtangov Theatre main stage

Anna became the laureate of two prestigious theatre awards ‘Seagull’ and ‘Triumph’ for the role of Desdemona (‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare). The second ‘Seagull’ was awarded to Anna Dubrovskaya for the role of Beatrice (‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by William Shakespeare at the Malaya Bronnaya theatre).

Selected roles at the Vakhtangov theatre also include Alkmena (‘Amphitryon’ by Moliere), Zinaida Afanasievna (‘Uncle’s Dream’ by Feodor Dostoevsky), Berenika (‘Frederick or the Crime Boulevard’ by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt), Elena (‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov), Nina (‘Okayomovs’ lifetime’ by Alexander Afinogenov).

Selected roles in other theatres also include Natalia Dmitrievna (‘Woe from Wit’ by Alexander Griboedov), Lucia (‘Kitchen’ by Maxim Kurochkin) in the Theatre Fellowship 814; Lady Capulet (‘Romeo and Juliet’ themed on William Shakespeare staged by Robert Sturua); She (‘The planet’ by Evgeny Grishkovets); Ranevskaya (‘The Cherry Orchard’ by Anton Chekhov) in the LAtheatre.

Selected filmography includes: ‘I desire your husband’, ‘La Dame de Monsoreau’, ‘Black Sea 213’, ‘The case: Blossom of Nation’, ‘Night Watch’, ‘Day Watch’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Us-Them’, ‘Leshy’, ‘If not for happiness’, ‘Butterfly kiss’, ‘Boomerang from the Past’, ‘Going to chase you’, ‘Ivanov’, ‘The army hospital’.

Anna Dubrovskaya is splendid in various roles. Her characters can be delicate or furious, sensuous or mysteries, naive or monstrous. And each of them is performed with a strong talent and wit.

The Seagull Award in nomination “Charming Woman” (Much ado about nothing, Malaya Bronnaya Theatre)

Marjana (Ali Baba and forty thieves)
Estrella (Life is a dream)
Stepanida (Barbarians)
Elis (Lion in winter)
Comedian (Scapin’s Deceits)
Турандот (Принцесса Турандот)
Alkmena, Amphitrion’s wife (Amphitrion)
Zinaida Afanasievna (Uncle’s Dream)
Galya (If you run after two hares)
Desdemona (Othello)
The first young lady, princess Polina (Queen of spades)
Berenika (Frederick of the Crime Boulevard)
Elisaveta (Royal Hunt)
Elena Andreevna (Uncle Vanya)
Nina (Okayomovs’ Lifetime)

Kitchen and Woe from wits (Theatrical companionship 814)
Romeo and Juliette, Love potion, Planet, Iphig?nie (Strastnoy Theatre Centre)
Much ado about nothing (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre) – The Seagull Award in nomination “Charming Woman”
Snowstorm. Attraction.
The Cherry Orchard (V.Dubovitsky’s non-repertory company)

I want your husband, 1992
I want to go to the USA1993
House on stone, 1994
The House, 1995
La Dame de Monsoreau, 1997
The Black sea 213, 1998
Woe from wits (film/play), 2000
Uncle’s Dream (film/play), 2000
The Black room. The choice, 2001
If you run after two hares (film/play), 2001
Hidden sign, 2002
Amphitrion (film/play), 2003
Operation “Cvet Nacii”, 2003
Night Watch, 2004
Daytime Watch, 2005г.
The happy man, 2005
Clowns do not get killed, 2005
Transparent line, (film/play), 2005
Nine unknown people, 2006
My fair nanny, (Series) 2006
The kiss of butterfly, 2006
Blessing in disguise 2006
Labyrynth of mind, 2006
Friend of foe, 2007
The wood demon, 2007
Kamenskaya-5, (series) 2008
Ivanov, 2009
Boomerang of the past, 2009
Green fields (short), 2009
Special correspondent of the investigations department, 2009
Ivan and Maria detective agency 2009
Hide-and-seek, 2010
The wood demon. Continuation, 2010
Ivanov, 2011