Galina Konovalova

01.08.1916 – 21.09.2014

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

G.L. Konovalova graduated from the B.V. Schukin Drama school at the E. Vakhtangov theatre, having studied under the guidance of V.K. Lvova.

She joined the E. Vakhtangov theatre company in 1938.

During the war she, together with the other actors of the theatre, was evacuated to Omsk where the company performed on the stage of the Omsk academic drama theatre. Together with the theatre she returned to Moscow in June, 1945.

Till the last days of her life Galina Konovalova continued to appear on the stage of her home theatre, working fruitfully.

Since 1982 she held the post of the E. Vakhtangov theatre company.

The actress had more than fifty parts acted in the plays staged in different years. Thanks to Rimas Tuminas, the last years of her creative life were filled with a special meaning, showing Konovalova as an actress of rare emotionality, poignant expression and form. Her roles in “Uncle Vanya”, “Landing stage”, “Evgeny Onegin”, “Commonplace” were highly appreciated by the press and spectators alike. At the ebb of her life she was to experience a spring of creativity.

G.L. Konovalova wrote a “Stage legend” column in the “Teatral” (Theatre-goer) magazine, took part in many TV and radio projects devoted to the past and present of the theatre.

G.L. Konovalova is the author of the books “It was just recently, it was so long ago …” and “Vakhtangov legends”.

Her books bring to life the pictures of the past: the old Arbat, theatre life in evacuation, Vakhtangov holidays, and, even more important, the unique atmosphere of the theatre, its secret not known to anybody, its gods and goddesses being Ruben Simonov, Cecilia Mansurova, Boris Schukin, Boris Zahava and many others.

In his preface to the books Vitaly Woolf wrote:

“This is probably the first time the actress who has lived in the theatre for many decades makes a gift of a sincere and genuine atmosphere of the famous theatre to her readers. She says not a word about herself. Only about other people and the Time which testifies to the high morals of G.L. Konovalova unexpectedly unveiled as a talented writer”.

Medal for “The selfless work during the WWI”, 1948
Award “Honour Sign”, 1986
Friendship award, 2011

Aspaziya (Straw hat)
Sanka (Intervention)
Ursula (Much Ado about nothing)
Olga (Wedding Tour)
Zoya (Blue handkerchief)
Adriena Lekurvrer (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Malomolskaya (Do Not Take Someone’s Place)
Dasha (Artyom)
Guest (Cinderella)
Agnesh (Vacation Game)
Olga Yakovlev (From Budiness Lady’s Life)
Anita (Gospoda Glembaji)
Farmer (Front)
Doctor’s assistant (The happiest)
Second old lady (The matter of the past)
Senora Marino (Great Magic)
Jury (The Thirteenth chairman)
Clock With Golden Pointers (Pro Ivana-ne-Velikana)
Tailor (Mistery Buff)
Nervous lady (The Contact)
Likhoded (Truth of the memory)
Old lady (Gospoda Glembaji)
Dutchess Myagkaya (Anna Karenina)
Old lady (The day longer than century)
Mother-in-law (The cabinet story)
Sergeant (The master’s lessons)
Tiger (Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!)
Zeinab (Ali Baba and forty thieves)
First old housemaid (The Queen of spades)
Samael, angel of the death (King Lear)
Duenna, Martha (Cyrano de Bergerac)
Marina, nanny (Uncle Vanya)
Former actress of the imperial theatres (“Wilful participation” The Haven)
Mother (Common business)
Moscow cousin (Evgeny Onegin)

The Thirteenth chairman (film/play), 1987
Great Magic (film/play), 1980
Ladies and Hussars (film/play), 1976
Konarmia (film/play), 1975