Larisa Pashkova

Meritorious Artist of the RF Larisa Аlexeyevna Pashkova was born on 12 October 1921 in Balakhna, Nizhegorodskaya province.In 1942 she graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre School, which she entered after her elder sister Galina Pashkova, and soon she took one of the leading places in the Theatre troupe. Being an actress of vivid temperament, inclined to romantic tint, Larisa Pashkova brilliantly played both comic and sharp character roles.She worked at the Vkhtangov Theatre from 1942 till 1987.Larisa Pashkova was an associate professor at the Schukin Theatre School, and in particular she worked at the Ossetic and Tuvinian National Studios.She also took part in TV and radio performances.Together with V.S. Lanov Larisa Pashkova took part in the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Drama Theatre performance “Children of the Sun” (Melaniya), toured Far East cities. She also were engaged in mentoring work of the Vakhtangov Thatre over “Dinamo” factory.She dubbed the main character of the film “Nights of Cabiria”, and Giulietta Masina gave her the best portrait of herself with words of admiration and gratitude.Larisa Аlexeyevna Pashkova died on 14 February 1987.

The State Stalin Prize of 2nd degree Laureate (1952) (for Varvara part in the performance “Yegor Bulychov and Others”)
Order of the Red Banner of Labour

Marfa (Makar Dubrava, 1948)
Nina Ivantsova (The Young Guard, 1948)
Eponina (Les Mis?rables, 1950)
Glasha (The First Joys, 1950)
Varvara (Yegor Bulychov and Others, 1951)
Lucetta (Te Two Gentlemen of Verona, 1952)
Masha (The Seagull, 1954)
Mariya Mikhaylovna (Alone, 1956)
Lucia (Filomena Morturano, 1956)
Germain (The Sixth Floor, 1956)
Mrs Dyndalskaya (Ladies and Hussars, 1960)
Galina Chayka (The Married Cook, 1961)
Gervaise (Trap, 1965)
Fulvia (The Diona, 1965)
Woman with a child (The Konarmy, 1966)
Anisya (Virineya, 1967)
Melaniya (Children of the Sun, 1968)
Katerina (Memory of the Heart, 1970)
Klikusha (Stepan Razin, 1979)

Yegor Bulychov and Others, 1953
The City at the Dawn (TV drama), 1959
The Free Wind, 1961
Literature Lesson, 1968
The Return (TV drama), 1968
The Crown of the Russian Empire or Once Again the Elusive Avengers, 1970
Splinter (TV drama), 1970
Day in and day out (TV drama), 1971
Krasno solnyshko, 1972
Trap (TV drama), 1972
Memory of the Heart (TV drama), 1973
The Identification, 1973
The Konarmy (TV drama), 1975
The Treasure, 1975
The Midst of Life, 1976
The Doctor of Philosophy (TV drama), 1976
Ladies and Hussars (TV drama), 1976
The Man with a Gun (TV drama), 1977
Dobryaki, 1979
The Expectation, 1980
Etot fantastitcheskiy mir. Vypusk 3, 4 (TV drama), 1980
Life of the holy sisters, 1981