Lidia Velezhova

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Was born in Kiev on October 2.

At the age of 13 filmed in a motion picture “Expectation” (Dovzhenko Film Studio). 

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School  in 1988, course of A.A. Kazanskaya.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

She has been teaching in B.V. Schukin Theater School  since 2010.

The hotel guest (The Great Magic)
Guest on the ball (Anna Karenina)
The Ides of March
Ashberry (Pussy in Boots)
Ruth Kelly (White Rabbit)
Manyushka (The Zoika’s Flat)
M-me Durandas (Two Hours in Paris)
Rita (Top Hat)
Our Love (Notre amour)
Shahrazad (Ali Baba and forth Thieves)
Lyubov Otradona (Guilty Without Fault)
Emilia, Yago’s Wife (Othello)
Adelma, Tatar princess and Turandot’s slave (Turandot)
Korinn, operetta prima donna (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Anna Antipova (Uncle’s Dream)
The Coast of Women
Baronet Shtral (Masquerade)
Sofia (Just People)
Nadejda (“Dark Alleys” The Haven)
Rosemary Mortimer (Common business)

Passion of Naples, Bless you, Monsieur, Trap for the husband (The Theatre Millenium)

Waiting, 1979
State Border (The 6th film, Beyond the victory, 1987
Under the blue sky, 1989
The Enchanted Wandered, 1990
Venicks.Sweeping brushes. 1991
The Moscow Love. 1991
No fear before the death 1991
Ravine 1991
Wolfhound, 1992
Risk without a contract, 1992
Budulay not awaited, 1994
Morsel 1996-1997
Classics, 1998
The simple truth, 1999-2001
Idlers, 2001-2002
Stunning force, 2001
Thief, 2001
Thief-2. Rented happiness, 2002
Investigation Held by Experts. 10 years later, 2002
Snow love, or Dream in Midwinter Night, 2002
The Idiot, 2003
Perdect Match, 2003
Narrow Bridge, 2004
Stunning force -2. Overtime, 2005
Russian money, 2006
Father, 2007
The sin, 2007
The elder wife, 2008
Teacher of music, 2008
Love-job-2, 2009
Revelations, 2011
August. The 8th, 2012
Donut Lyusya (Russia, Ukraine), 2012
The moon, 2014