Mikhail Vorontsov

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1962, course of  I.M. Rapoport.

In the same year was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Protasovs’ Servant (Living corpse)
Zanni (Turandot)
Shkulevich (Iron Angel)
Charles (The Trap)
Bodyguard (Dion)
Sidorov (Konarmia)
Director of the hotel (TheMillionaire)
Peasant (Virinea)
The third messenger (Antony and Cleopatra)
Teacher of music (The Bourgeois Gentleman)
Misha (From a business lady’s life)
Sir James Tyrrel (Richard III)
Unfrocked minstrel (Stepan Razin)
Dance manager (With Vakhtangov)
Mr Jones (The buyer of children)
Chasan, hetman (Ali Baba and forty thieves)
Shmaga (Guilty without fault)
Charlamiy Mudrov (And Money all around…)
Resident of the village of Mishkin (Smile at us, O Lord)

Working trip (film/play), 1969
The Return (film/play), 1968
Turandot (film/play), 1971
Military 40s (film/play), 1975
Konarmia (film/play), 1975
The Idiot (film/play), 1979
Antony and Cleopatra (film/play), 1980
Richard III (film/play), 1982
The thirteenth chairman (film/play), 1987