Nikolay Timofeev

People’s Artist of the RSFSR, the USSR State Prize LaureateNikolay Dmitriyevich Timofeev was born on 26 December 1921 in Baku. In 1939-1946 he served in the Soviet Army, participated in the Second World War.He graduated from the Schukin Theatre School (1950).He worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1950 till 1999.During many years of his work at radio Nikolay Timofeyev recorded works of literature by I. Turgenev, А. Platonov, Y. Gribov, V. Katayev, L. Leonov, V. Latsis, E. Nosov, V. Panova, B. Polevoy, V. Sokolov.He participated in recording of the following radio performances from the Radio Fond collection: “Wanted” by A.Adamov, “Toulon” by J. R. Block, “The Youth of Commanders” by Y. Bondarev, “Vechnyy zov” be A. Ivanov, “Salt of the Earth” by G. Markov, “Banya” by V. Mayakovsky, “Dog rose” by K. Paustovsky.Nikolay Dmitriyevich Timofeev died on 25 September 1999.

The USSR State Prize Laureate (1952 — for participation in the film “V mirnye dni”)

Jean Valjean (Les Mis?rables, 1950)
1st gendarme (The First Joys, 1950)
Proteus (The Two Gentlemen of Verona, 1952)
Passerby (Irkutsk Story, 1959)
Ivan Nelyuba (The Married Cook, 1961)
Ivan Makarovich (The Living Corpse, 1962)
Alexey Maximovich Peshkov (My mocking happiness, 1965)
Clodius (The Diona, 1965)
Colonel Tuzenkevich (The Konarmy, 1966)
Domitius Enobarb (Antony and Cleopatra, 1971)

V mirnye dni, 1950
Secret Mission, 1950
Taras Shevtchenko, 1951
The Return of Vasily Bortnikov, 1952
Composer Glinka, 1952
Yegor Bulychov and Others, 1953
The Test of Faithfulness, 1954
The fate of the drummer, 1955
Andreyka, 1958
The Wild Dog Dingo, 1962
The Tsar’s Bride, 1964
The last month of autumn, 1965
Tashkent – City of Bread, 1968
His Excellency’s Adjutant, 1969
Ambassador of the Soviet Union, 1969
The Commander of the Lucky “Pike”, 1972
The Appointment, 1973
The Old Fortress, 1973
Yurka’s Dawns, 1974
Martin Eden, 1976
Rasmus the Tramp, 1978
Pani Mariya, 1979
Through the thorns to the stars, 1980
Vasily Buslayev, 1982
Special Unit, 1984
Hunting for the dragon, 1986