Viktor Zozulin

People’ Artist of the Russian Federation.

Winner of  Moscow Creative Youth Contest. Winner of  Ministry of  Internal Affairs Prize for reading books by V. Lavrov  “Earl Orlov – a genius of investigation”. Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1966, course of  A.I. Borisov.In the same year was admitted to the company of  Evg. Vakhtangov Theater. “Temperamental, explosive character-neurotic and character actor with a sense of humor, excellent ear for music and pleasant voice – that was a graduate from B.V. Schukin Theater School Viktor Zozulin… The artist’s musical aptitude is in his brilliant reading of prose and verse, in his acute feeling and reproduction of author’s style. The creative biography of Zozulin includes already more than one hundred theater roles and one hundred cinema and television roles”. (A. Anufrieva) 

Winner of the contest of the creative youth of Moscow
Laureate of the award of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the reading cycle of V. Lavrov’s books in the series of “Count Orlov” – the genius detective”

Qualaf, Timur (Turandot)
Don Guan (The little tragedies)
Kurchaev (Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man)
Mayakovsky (Konarmia)
Dvoynikov (The choice)
Arkady Nikolaevich (From a business lady’s life)
Victor Boytsov (The Irkutsk story)
Sir Richard Radcliff (Richard III)
Prokuley (Antony and Cleopatra)
Dance Teacher (The Bourgeois Gentleman)
Mariano de Albino (Great Magic)
Herald (Dion)
Blacksmith (Mistery Buff)
Mareshall (Be God with you)
Brodbent (The Buyer of children)
Kazanova (Kazanova’s Three ages)
Very Important Person (The Deal)
Trotsky (Treaty of Brest)
Pyotr Tolstoy (Sire our Lord)
Chebakov (Balzaminov’s Marriage)
Tomsky (The Queen of spades)
Kyure (Resurrection)
Emperor (Lefty)
Our love (Notre amour)
Petya Milovzorov, the first lover, actor of the provonce theatre (Guilty without fault)
Timur, knight of Astrakhan (Turandot)
Knight Golycin (Royal Hunt)
Doctor (“The old lady’s visit” The haven)
Karmazinov (Demons)
Resident of the village of Mishkin (Smile at us, O Lord)

“The Great Chinese Wall” (The Drama and Directing Centre)

The month of May, 1965
Operation “Y”, 1966
The Kremlin messenger (film/play), 1967
I used to love you, 1967
Solyaris (film/play), 1968
Bar “13 chairs”, 1968
Working trip (film/play), 1969
Faust (film/play), 1969
King-deer, 1970
Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man, 1971
A thousand of souls (film/play), 1971
The very last day, 1972
Klara Gazul’s Theatre (film/play), 1974
Konarmia (film/play), 1975
We haven’t learnt this, 1975
The Bourgeois Gentleman (film/play), 1977
Man with a gun (film/play), 1977
Long distance run tactics, 1978
The Idiot (film/play), 1979
Antony and Cleopatra(film/play), 1980
Great Magic (film/play), 1980
Extreme conditions, 1980
Maria Medichi’s Chest, 1981
Mistery Buff (film/play), 1982
Richard III (film/play), 1982
Uneasy Sunday, 1982
Prokhindiada, or Running on the spot, 1984
Fighting for Moscow, 1985
God be with you (film/play), 1985
Self-portrait (film/play), 1986
Actress from Gribov, 1988
Prokhindiada -2, 1994
Mukhtar’s Return, 2003
Mukhtar’s Return-2, 2005
Mukhtar’s Return-3, 2006
Mukhtar’s Return-4, 2007
Life is life, 2009

I.A. Bunin “Antonovskiye Yabloki”, “In the dark sea”
M.Y.Lermontov. Secelted novels (A Hero of our time, poems)
V.Mayakovsky “Tamara and Demon. Cloud in trousers. Flute-spine and others”
B.L.Pasternak. “Poetry”
I.S. Turgenev “The Date. Poems in prose”
A.Chekhov “House with mezzanine”, “Ionych”, “Lady with the dog”
V.Lavrov. “Count Orlov – genious detective”
M.Bulgakov. “Master and Margarite”
Isaak Babel “Red Cavalry” (radio play)
W. Shakespeare “Antony and Cleopatra” (radio play)
Goethe’s “Faust” (radio play)
J.B. Moliere “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” (radio play)
Chengiz Aitmatov “The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years” (radio play)