Vladimir Pokrovsky

Meritorious Artist of the RFVladimir Alexandrovich Pokrovsky was born on 23 June (6 July) 1900.He graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre School (1931-1935).He worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1931 till 1985.V.A.Pokrovsky was one of the best actors of Vakhtangov`s troupe. He could create vivid, rich, and true characters. He also had a good sense of humour and an outstanding comic talent.Vladimir Alexandrovich Pokrovsky died on 15 April 1985.

Doctor (Yegor Bulychov and Others, 1932)
Uyezd priest (Dostigaev and Others, 1933)
Antonio (Much Ado About Nothing, 1933)
Emil (The Intervention, 1933)
Michelle Chr?stien (The Human Comedy, 1934)
Petin (The Aristocrats, 1935)
Foreigner (The Man with a Gun, 1937)
Duke’s confessor (Don Quixote, 1941)
Kazarin Afanasiy Pavlovich (Masquerade, 1941)
Atarbekov (Fortress on the Volga, 1949)
Shirinkin (At the Golden Bottom, 1955)
Bishop (Foma Gordeyev, 1956)
Artemyev (The Living Corpse, 1962)
Pan Kazik (Ladies and Hussars, 1960)
Bokchilo (Dundo Maroe, 1963)
Kum Mironych (The Konarmy, 1966)
Вибий Vibius (The Diona, 1965)
Peasant (Antony and Cleopatra, 1971)
Lobanov (Day In and Day Out, 1974
Franz (The Glembays, 1975)
Sir Robert Brackenbury (Richard III, 1976)

Lenin in October, 1937
The Fall of Berlin, 1949
Composer Glinka, 1952
The Swedish Match, 1954
Lodger (short film), 1954
Much Ado About Nothing, 1956
A Long Road, 1956
Soroka-Vorovka, 1958
Song about Koltsov, 1959
The Ballad of a Soldier, 1959
Miraculous, 1960
Michman Panin, 1960
Beat, Drum!, 1962
Story of a Young Couple (TV drama), 1964
The Way to “Saturn”, 1967
The Kremlin Courier (TV drama), 1967
The End of “Saturn”, 1967
The Fate Plays with Human (TV drama), 1968
The Last Car Theft, 1968
The Picture of Dorian Gray (TV drama), 1968
Crash, 1968
The Train to Tomorrow, 1970
Tysyacha dush (TV drama), 1971
Mechenyy atom, 1972
The Konarmy (TV drama), 1975
The Idiot (TV drama), 1979
The Glembays (TV drama), 1979
Richard III (TV drama), 1982
Steppe squadron, 1986