Marina Esipenko

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1987,  course of E.R. Simonov and M.A. Panteleeva.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Official site of Marina Esipenko:

The Latest Sensation, 2004
Golden Lyra, 2004
Tsarsoselskaya, 2010

Abigaile (Glass of water)
M-me Ivanova (The Zoika’s Flat)
Olya (Little Boar)
Cleopatra (Ides of March)
Maria (Sire our Lord)
Fia (Lady without camellias)
Girl (Kazanova’s three ages)
Macksin (Iguana’s Night)
Elis (Lion in winter)
Anjela (King-deer)
Taisa Shelavina (Guilty withour fault)
Regana (King Lear)
Emilia, Yago’s wife (Othello)
Lisa (The Queen of spades)
Turandot (Turandot)
Anna Antipova (Uncle’s dream)
Donia Louisa (Don Juan and Sganarelle)
Andromaha (Troilus and Cressida)
The Coast of Women
Baronet Shtral (Masquerade)
Queen Margareth (Princess Ivona)
Korinn (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Countess, Marcellina (Follies of a day, or The Marriage of Figaro)

“Dragon” (Teatrium on serpukhovka, director – V.Mizoev)

Funk in Kursk, 1994
The soul is dying, 1994
Mayakovsky’s last love, 1995
Magic chair, 1996
Streams with trouts, 1998
Uncle’s dream (film/play) 2000
Manor, 2004
Zsi Say, 2004
Alexander Garden, 2005
My fair nanny (series), 2005
Petya the great (series), 2006
Big girls, 2006
Different brothers, (series) 2006
Alexander Garden-2, 2007
Brothers Detectives, 2008
My beloves witch, 2008
Hunt for Beria, 2008
Life is life, 2009
Further inquiry/Department of controlled crimes, 2009

Marina is a frequent sound-on film actress. Esipenko’s one of the most remarkable works is the dubbing of Julia Roberts in the “Pretty Woman” movie.