Alexander Ryshchenkov

Graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School in 1980, course of A.A. Kazanskaya.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

The medal “For merits before Fatherland” II degree, 2011

Man from the future (Mistery Buff)
Builder (Truth of memory)
Proscenium cast (Роза и Крест)
Proscenium cast (Anna Karenina)
Juan Juan (Day longer than century)
Shevelev, (Wounded)
Lord (Maria Tudor)
Seryoga (Bravo Rus!)
Nelkin (The Deal)
Levka Kacap (Sunset)
Cotiliar (Two hours in Paris)
Sanderson (White Rabbit)
Leandr (Scapin’s deceits)
Ali Baba (Ali Baba and forty thieves )
Our love (Notre amour)
Peacock Shlysch (Lefty)
Chigolotti (King deer)
Panas, Golokhvastov’s friend (If you run after two hares……)
Qualaf (Turandot)
Captain Snark (Imperial hunt)
Pato-Duli (Beauty Queen)
Vasilisk Percov (Money, money, money everywhere…)
Diomed (Troilus and Cressida)
Kazarin (Masquerade)
Muratov (Just people)
Victor Franz (“The Price” The Haven)
Sergeant (Common business)
Yudl Krapivnikov (Smile at us, O Lord)
Antoine Gauthier (Take an umbrella, Madame Gaultier!)
Beralde (The Imaginary Invalid)

Dukhov (Goatling in milk) Ruben Simonov’s Theatre

34th speed train, 1981
Polesskaya Chonicle, 1981
Cold and snow xpected 1981 (Short film)
Free wind, 1983
The Great Flood (TV-play), 1983
Moscow Love, 1991
The things of life (TV-Series), 1992
If you run after two hares… (TV-play), 2001
Better than Shakespeare (TV-Series), 2005
Airport 3rd part. Cats 2005
Detectives-4, 2005
Wedding ring, 2008
Village comedy, 2009