Nikolai Gritsenko

People’s Artist of  USSR, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and the Russian FederationNikolai Gritsenko was born on July 24, 1912 at Ukraine, in the Donbass region.He graduated from the Makeevsk Civil Engineering  in 1931.He worked as a technician, foreman on the railroad, then the technician, supervisor of buildings and structures, the designer at the factory “Steel” (Makeev Metallurgical Plant named after SM Kirov).He enrolled to the Theatre Department of Makeevsk Music and Drama workers’ school.In the early 1930s, came to Moscow and entered the Moscow Art Theater School, then moved to the theater school at the Theatre of the Red Army, then – to Vakhtangov School, where he graduated from in 1940.He worked in the theater of Eugen. Vakhtangov from 1940 to 1979.Creative formation of N. O. Gritsenko was made under supervision of A. Buchma, V. Kachalov, N. Khmeleva, B. Shchukin. In the studio, he played the violin in a dramatization of the story Khalyavkin Chekhov’s ‘The Tenant’, then it has always played a “number” in concerts on stage.The artist of wide range with a rare gift of inner and outer transformation, he possessed a bright, generous imagination. Gritsenko had exceptionally scenic courage and ingenuity of artistic techniques. RN Simonov, artistic director of the Vakhtangov theater actor-colleagues came to see “how it works,” Nikolai Gritsenko, admiring his “surprise” at every performance. He had the ability to develop the image in detail, to bring together organically in the nature of the opposite traits. He was called a “theater in the theater.”Nikolai Gritsenko died on December 8, 1979.

I grade the Stalin Prize in 1952 (for the film “Gentleman Gold Star”), 1950

1st player (Masquerade, 1941)
Tenorio Hernandez (Don Quixote, 1941)
Ostapenko (Front, 1942)
Ferdinand de Shamplatro (Mademoiselle Nitouche, 1944)
Stepan (Come to Zvonkovoe, 1947)
Gabriel (Makar Dubrava, 1948)
Tsvetukhin Tsvetukhin (First joy, 1950)
Shadrin (Man With a Gun, 1954)
Molokov (Golden bottom, 1955)
Oleko Dundich (Oleko Dundich, 1955)
Zhonval (Sixth Floor, 1956)
Leo Agranovskii (City at the dawn, 1957)
Prince Myshkin (The Idiot, 1958)
Don Juan (Little Tragedies, 1959)
Stepan Kazanets (Mmarried cook, 1961)
Fedor Protasov (Living Corpse, 1962)
Tartaglia (Princess Turandot, 1963)
Servilius (Dion, 1965)
Stepan Vytyagaychenko (Red Cavalry, 1966)
Magara (Virineya, 1967)
Mamaev (The Wise Man Stumbles, 1969)
Dashdamirov (Woman behind the Green Door, 1975)

Masha, 1942
Vintage Vaudeville, 1946
Knight of the Golden Star, 1950
Goodbye, America!, 1951
Hostile Whirlwinds, 1953
The fate of Marina, 1953
Big Family, 1954
Tenant (short), 1954
Swedish Match, 1954
The Road, 1955
The Road to Calvary, 1959
Furtuna, 1959
Enemies (short), 1960
Free Wind, 1961
Barrier unknown, 1961
Russian Forest, 1963
Monday – Heavy Day, 1963
A rat on a tray (short), 1963
The mother and stepmother, 1964
A person without a passport, 1965
Two years over a precipice, 1966
Places are quiet here, 1967
Gooseberries (short), 1967
Anna Karenina, 1967
Crane, 1968
There was a man, 1968
I, .. Francis Skaryna, 1969
Family Happiness (film almanac), 1969
Isolation, 1969
The adjutant of his excellency, 1969
Happiness Anne, 1970
A Thousand Souls (photoplay), 1971
Princess Turandot (photoplay), 1971
Even a Wise Man Stumbles (spektal film), 1971
Funny Zhabokrichi, 1971
Black Prince, 1973
A man in civilian clothes, 1973
Talents and admirers, 1973
Seventeen Moments of Spring, 1973
Memory of the Heart (photoplay), 1973
Sannikov Land, 1973
Docker, 1973
Time of her sons, 1974
Red Cavalry (photoplay), 1975
In the mountains of my heart, 1975
Intern, 1976
Crime, 1976
Well, the audience! (Photoplay), 1976
Martin Eden (photoplay), 1976
The Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce, 1976
Two Captains, 1976
Man with a Gun, 1977
At the bottom of the gold (photoplay), 1977
Enemies, 1977
Father Sergius, 1978
The rebel barricade, 1978
Exile N 011, 1978
Archival footage
To remember … (documentary), Nikolai Gritsenko, 2000
As role models left (documentary), Nikolai Gritsenko, 2005

Voiced the animated film The Night Before Christmas (Vacula), 1952

“Memoirs of Nikolai Gritsenko”, 2011