Vera Golovina

Vera L. Golovina was born on May 17, 1902 in Karachi.She studied at the Studio Vakhtangov with Boris Shchukin, Ruben Simonov, Elizabeth Alekseeva, Anatoly Goryunov, Ivan Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Moskvin, Varvara Popova, Joseph Rapoport, Alexandra Remizova, Maria Sinelnikovo, Valerie and Nicholas Tume Yanovsky. She played small roles perfectly, every time, creating a lively, charming and authentic characters.She worked in the Theater named after Eug. Vakhtangov from 1920 to 1958.In 1958 he came under the staff reduction provoked by a conflict with Ruben Simonov with Boris Zahavi, and as a supporter of Zahavi was forced to leave the scene.Vera Golovina passed away in 1988.

Lisa (Leo Gurych Sinichkin, 1924)
Kozliha and Thekla (Virineya, 1925)
Anna Brykina (Badgers, 1927)
Dasha (For Blood, 1928)
Mymra, Manyushka and the first lady (Zoyka’a apartment, 1928)
Liza (Conspiracy of Feelings, 1929)
Wet Armand (Intervention, 1933)
Paul (The road of flowers, 1934)
Fefelov (Aristocrats, 1935)
Anna and Galchiha (Guilty Without Guilt, 1937)
landowner (Field Marshal Kutuzov, 1940)
Duenna Rodriguez (Don Quixote, 1941)
Madame de Chavigny (Cyrano de Bergerac, 1942)
Landlady (eve, 1948)
Wife of the director of the theater (The Human Comedy, 1934)

Property of the Republic, 1971
We can not wait for 1971
Let him stay with us, 1974
That we do not pass, 1975
Eternal Call (10 series), 1983