Ruben Simonov

Honored artist of Russia, Laureate of Lenin Komsomol Prize

In 1974 graduated from B.V. Schukin Theater School, course of V.K. Lvova.

In the same year was admitted to the company of Malaya Bronnaya Theater.

In 1975 graduated from Higher Director’s Courses.

Since 1982 has been serving in Evg. Vakhtangov Theater.

Lenin Komsomol Prize, 1985
Diploma of Moscow government, 2010
The first Prize of the International Festival in Corea (Masan)

Cesar’s secreatary (The Ides of March)
Security (Али Баба)
Roberto (Top hat)
Charles (Resurrection, or St.Antony’s miracle)
Joseph (Resurrection, or St.Antony’s miracle)
Yusuph (Ali Baba and forty thieves )
Flag officer Graig (Imperial hunt)
Chief of security (Frederick of the Crime Boulevard)
Escort guard (Mademoiselle Nitouche)
Resident of the boardinghouse (Last moons)
Lambardi (Imperial hunt)
Policeman (“Old lady’s visit” The Нaven)
Sir Wilby Nelson (Common business)
Neighbor of Larin family (Eugeny Onegin)
Bartolo (Follies of a day, or The Marriage of Figaro)

Wounded, 1984 (director)
Rus! Bravo!, 1987 (director)
Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!, 1993 (director)
Anniversary, 2006 (play)
From a tale to a tale, 2010 (play)

Ruben Simonov Moscow dramatic Theatre:
Merchant(No happiness without woe), 1994
General (No happiness without woe), 1995
Captain Roland (Hussar girl), 1996
Tsar Dormidont (No happiness without woe), 1997
Pusternak (Where is the old woman!), 1998
Mr Cendy (A goatling in milk), 1999
Lehrman (Hussar girl), 1999
Goryny (A goatling in milk), 2000

But it is circumrotating! (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre), 1979
Vacation due to wound (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre), 1980
Jacj Vosmerkin (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 1990
No happiness without woe (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 1994
My poor Marat (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 1995
Hussar girl (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 1996
Where is the old woman! (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 1996
A New Year’s Eve Tale (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 1998
Arbat Waltz (Ruben Simonov’s Theatre), 2000
Straw hat (Schukin’s drama school), 2006
Russian vaudevilles (Schukin’s drama school), 2008
Princess Turandot («Sofia» theatre, Bulgaria), 2008

Chukot marsh, 1973
My friends (almanac), 1973
Remember your name, 1974
Mary Medici’s box, 1980
Third dimension, 1981
Inspector Losev, 1982
Sunny wind, 1982
When Bach was played, 1983
Loop, 1983
Restless Sunday, 1983
Guset from the future, 1984
Chicherin, 1986
Without limits – 1986
Five parting letters, 1987
Maroseyka, 12. Go-summer, 2000
Detectives-1, 2001
Evil’s charm, 2005
Detectives-5, 2005
Troop, 2009
Zoya, 2010
A bullet for the actress, 2011
Code of honor-5, 2011
COP war-5, 2011
SOBR, 2011
I wish myself to you, 2011
Eugene Onegin (film-performance), 2013
Moscow. Three station, 2014
The last of the moon (film-performance), 2014
Believe do not believe, 2015