Aleksey Kotrelyov

Alexei Kotrelev was born on March 27, 1912.In 1939 he graduated from the Theater School BV Shchukin, teacher – A.D. Kozlowski.He worked in the theater of Eugene Vakhtangov from 1939 to 2005.During the war he worked in front-line branch of the Vakhtangov theater.Alexei Kotrelev died in 2005.

Shooter (Aristocrats, 1935)
Work (Hat, 1935)
2nd Worker (Man With a Gun, 1937)
Officer-Guest (Guilty Without Guilt, 1937)
Pablo (Don Quixote, 1941)
Lackey (Cyrano de Bergerac, 1942)
Priest (Oleko Dundich, 1942)
Malomalsky (Don’t sit down to other sled, 1944)
Boyarin (Grand Sire, 1945)
German (Before 1948)
Merchant (Examiner, 1949)
Worker (The first of joy, 1950)
Vasya (In our days. 1952)
Hunter (No happiness without sadness, 1954)
Tenant (Sixth Floor, 1956)
Gao (Gray-haired Girl, 1972)
The oldest (Two Gentlemen of Verona, 1952)
Gregorio (Romeo and Juliet, 1956)
The old man (The Idiot, 1958)
Solmka (Cook, 1959)
Lackey Karenins (Living Corpse 1962)
Roman (Dion, 1965)
A man in a woman’s blouse (Red Cavalry, 1966)
A man (Virineya, 1967)
A footman in Turusinoy (The Wise Man Stumbles, 1968)
Lackey (The Bourgeois Gentleman, 1969)
Ssecond minister (Anthony and Cleopatra, 1971)
Guest (Woman in Green Door, 1973)
Sir Robert Brackenbury (Richard III, 1976)
The first man (Death Squadron, 1977)
Director of the hotel (Grand Magic, 1979)
Porter Kapitonitch (Anna Karenina, 1983)
The old man (And the day lasts longer than a century, 1984)

Heart should burn (the drama), 1960
Alpine Ballad, 1965
Wise Man Stumbles (the drama), 1971
Thousand souls (the drama), 1971
Red Cavalry (the drama), 1975
Doctor of Philosophy (the drama), 1976
Puss in Boots (the drama), 1979
Antony and Cleopatra (the drama), 1980
Great magic (the drama), 1980
White Gold, 2003