Vladimir Balikhin

Vladimir Balikhin was born 8 August 1899. He studied in the Vakhtangov Studio  (1918-22).

Worked in the theatre in 1920 — 1953 and created a number of outstanding roles. He was a very inspiring actor who also worked as a director’s assistant, electrics specialist, stage worker, the head of the staging department, and was a member of the director’s board of  the theatre. In 1929-1953 he taught in the Schukin Drama school. As a director took part in such plays as  “The End of  the Squadron” by Korneychuk  (Sovremenniy Theatre) and “The Date” by Finn  (R.Simonov’s Studio).

V.V. Balikhin died in 1953.

Babelmandebskiy (The Marriage), 1921
Wiseman and Barakh (Turandot), 1922
Baltazar (Merimee’s Comedies / Carriage with sacred gifts), 1924
Pustoslavtsev (Lev Gurovich Sinichkin), 1924
Vasiliy (Virinea), 1925
P.Chmelyov (The Badgers), 1927
Lover (The Plot of Sences), 1929
Mikhalka (The Pace), 1930
Khvatkin (The Breach), 1930
Sexton (Hamlet), 1932
Tyatin (Yegor Bulychev and Others), 1932
An apothekaty man (The Intervention), 1933
Gusev (The Road of Flowers), 1934
Zeppel (Florisdorf), 1936
Khlopov (The Governmental Inspector), 1939
Advocate (Before the sunset), 1941
Mitka (Oleka Dundich), 1942
Marquis (Cyrano de Bergerac), 1942
Tikhon (The Storm), 1944
Makushkin (Man with a Gun), 1937
A local man (The Front Line), 1942

Without a Dowry, 1936
Swamp Soldiers, 1938
Native Fields, 1944