Ivan Kashirin

Ivan Ignatievich Kashirin was born on April 9, 1901 in Moscow in a working class family.He graduated from the Theatre School named after BV Shchukin in 932 , workes in the theater of Eugene Vakhtangov from 1932 till 1990.Kashirin played on the stage more than 100 roles, always showing in each of them a good sense of humor and captivating charm. It was the first performer to play the role of Shayametova Alexander Korneichuk  at “Front.”Ivan Kashirin died on September 29, 1990.

Prompter (Lev Gurych Sinichkin, 1924)
Poet (Zoyka apartment, 1926)
Maxim Lyzlov (Badgers, 1927)
2nd tenant (Conspiracy of Feelings, 1929)
Administrator of troupe (Hamlet, 1932)
Laptev and Bashkin (Egor Bulychov and others, 1932)
Sailor and Jouve (Intervention, 1933)
Christophe (The Human Comedy, 1934)
Stameskin, Smokes, and the young sailor, soldier (Man With a Gun, 1937)
Stepan Korobkin (Examiner, 1939)
Ebbish (Before Sunset, 1941)
Player (Masquerade, 1941)
Bertrand and Belroz (Cyrano de Bergerac, 1942)
Karpushin (Oleko Dundich, 1942)
Shayametov (Front, 1942)
Kuligin (Groza, 1944)
The old man (the first of joy, 1950)
The sex in a restaurant (The Living Corpse, 1962)
Sage (Princess Turandot, 1963)
Disabled (Red Cavalry, 1966)
Man Mamaev (The Wise Man Stumbles, 1968)
The first minister (Anthony and Cleopatra, 1971)
Cesare (Waiting, 1977)

Michurin, 1948
Yegor Bulychev and others (the drama), 1953
The Communist, 1957
Intractable, 1959
Russian Souvenir, 1960
If you’re right, 1963
Elusive Avengers, 1966
Red Cavalry (the drama), 1975
Antony and Cleopatra (the drama), 1980